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Train Fever Series

If you have not caught it yet, Train Fever is a fun train simulation game that lets you build out goods transportation lines and connect cities by both rail and road . For an all around look at the game I would recommend the 101 series. If you are looking for a challenge check out my Hard Mode playthrough. Monte's Mod Madnes is the third season for my TF videos. So many mods!!!! The latest series in the works is the Nordic DLC Series. Hope you enjoy. make sure to leave a thumbs up on the video and share your favorite video with your freinds. 

Monterico Classic Gaming

I started gaming in the early 80's. Something I like to do is go back and record some of those classic games that we all lost hours to in our youth. Keep an eye out for new classic episodes from time to time. Below are some of the more popular classic videos. For the entire playlist on YouTube. ( CLICK ME )

Game Recording Tips

Got a few request to show off some tips on how i do what i do. I started out doing all of this with free software.

No Commentary Video

I am not always in your ear whispering sweet gaming tips but I also like to change it up and record a series without any commentary and let you sit back and enjoy straight up gameplay. For the entire YouTube Playlist ( CLICK ME)
Fallen A2P
In Game Tutorial
Thanks goes out to the team at RedKatana. The creators of Fallen A2P reached out to me to help create the in game tutorial. The game started as a Kickstarter Launch and has recently gone into full release. The style for FA2P is a mix between games like X-COM in regards to combat with a sprinkle of Fallout   (Full Playlist)